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College Planning

What We Do

The team at College Crossroads Consulting is excited to embark on this journey with your student as they consider crossing into this next exciting phase of their life. Helping them discover who they are and the importance of the next four years is a joyful experience for us. In choosing their college with thoughtfulness, rigorous research, and extensive discussion, your child will increase their chance of not only surviving but THRIVING during their undergraduate years.

College Crossroads Consulting helps students and families navigate the college application journey from start to finish. The goal is to help our clients decide on the best schools to apply to and assist them with this process until the final application is submitted.

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Comprehensive Package

Best for Sophomores and Juniors

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Hourly Package

Best for Freshman and Seniors

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Comprehensive Package

This program is offered to sophomores and juniors, and we work with a student until they choose a college to call home. With the Comprehensive Package, we ensure the student stays on track and makes all of their deadlines. Depending on when the student signs up with College Crossroads Consulting, he or she can count on help with the following services:

High School Curriculum Advice

Address the rigor of schoolwork and the balance between that with course grades, taking into consideration student goals in their college application process.

Extra-curricular Activity Participation

Provide guidance on how to spend time outside of the academic school day, based on the student’s particular interests. This includes summer activities, volunteer opportunities, faith-based activities, family responsibilities, and other ways that a student may spend their free time.

College Research

Recommend books and websites for use in the college research process. The methodology of how to thoroughly research colleges will be reviewed with the student at the first meeting.

College List Development

Create a list of colleges that reflect the right academic, social, and financial fit for the student. This process takes into account the level of academic achievement exhibited by a student to date and student preferences in terms of:

  • major (if known);
  • geography;
  • size;
  • athletics;
  • school spirit;
  • the generosity of financial aid and,
  • any other criteria deemed to be an important influencing factor to the student.

Standardized Test Schedule Recommendations

Determine with the student what the test schedule will be for the SAT and/or ACT.

Essay Development and Review

Work with students to brainstorm and develop incredible student essays efficiently and effectively. Essays include:

  • the Common Application essay,
  • the Coalition Application essay;
  • the four Personal Insight Questions asked by the University of California system;
  • the essay questions asked in school-specific applications such as MIT and Georgetown, and;
  • the supplemental essays, which are school-specific questions asked in the Common Application.

Mock Interview Opportunities

Conduct practice interviews regarding how to best answer the questions students are asked and provide suggestions for questions that students can ask their interviewer in return. Students will receive feedback in terms of how to maximize a positive impression.

The Final Application Review

Ensure the student’s application is filled out correctly with no spelling errors or misinterpretation of questions.

ED/EA Strategy Guidance

Develop an ED/EA strategy with the student. Today, there is a definite benefit to applying to a school in the Early Decision or Early Action rounds.

Hourly Packages

There is the ability to purchase help in 5/10/15 hour packages. Families can take advantage of this if:

  • They want to start their student with College Crossroads Consulting in the freshman year;
  • Their child is a senior and needs one or two of the services, but not all of them.

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